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3D Gallery App

Introducing a web-based Gallery App built to display “Custom Jewelry Designs” in 3D animation. This App can be used on your company’s Webpage and/or on a touch display for clients to experience the functions. Along with your physical inventory, you can also utilize this App as a “Digital Catalog” to display your inventory in 360 degrees. Ultimately this allows you to expand your selections without investing in actual physical pieces until you have an order. This App furthermore displays basic and essential model information to provide parameters of pricing based on size, stone and metal weight. In addition the design and displays will capture the attention of shoppers to present opportunities for sales and service.

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Feature and Benifits:


• Display custom designs in 3D

• Full 360 degree view

• Can be used on a touch-screen display

• Metal color options in White, Yellow and Rose gold

• Displays basic model information to provide  
   parameters for pricing

• Expand inventory without investing in physical                 product

• Capture the attention of shoppers, turn them into          buyers

• If you already own FireStorm CAD, you have these        models ready to modify and manufacture yourself




Firestorm CAD, Custom Jewelry Design

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