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Dave Hilman

Before purchasing FireStorm CAD I researched several different programs. I had tried Matrix, Sketchup,Blender,MOI and several Rhino plug ins with little sucess. Then I saw FireStorm CAD. After taking the demo, I was convinced this was the program for me. We have been using FireStorm CAD since June of 2010. This program just gets better and better. Each new release adds new function and speed. The fact is, you have several different CAD programs to choose from out on the market. None of them include the "learn at your own pace videos" included with your FireStorm CAD support. These quick easy to follow tutorials will have you designing in 3d in no time. If you have a question, help is just a "skype" away. Hands down, you can't get the personal service you get from Ray and the team at Ignite Tech from anyone else. I can not say enough good things about the support service. The last time I asked a question, Ray actually called me back(on Skype) in less than 2 minutes with the answer. Who else does that! Only FireStorm CAD. If your a beginner or expert, Firestorm CAD is for you.

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