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Joe Belliston

Over a year ago you asked me to write a testimonial. I remembered today and made a top 10 list. I hope it works.I purchased FireStorm CAD almost two years ago and I love it! I had been with a leading brand of jewelry CAD design for more than six years. Here’s my top 10 reasons for making that purchase and staying with it:1. It cost less than 1/2 the price of my previous CAD software is a much better! 2. I don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for each upgrade like I did with my previous experience.3. The training videos are available online. I can get the training I need as I need it at any time I want without all the travel expense associated with other’s onsite only training. 4. On demand tech support help via Skype during business hours. (Training videos after hours)5. 3D Gallery App 6. Two words: Ray Babikian (If you knew him, you would understand)7. 3D Space Pro is a forward looking company that wants to help me grow, not take me to the cleaner like the other guys made me feel. (Why scrabble over pieces of a small pie when we can make a much larger pie by innovating together?) 8. I can call and talk to the software designers, not just a sales person. (It’s the same principle that sets me apart from the other chain jewelry stores.)9. Minimal learning curve: After 3 months later & I had almost forgotten that I used to use another CAD software. 10. The training videos made it much easier to train a new employee.

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