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Wendy B.

I would love to give you a recommendation and here it is:

When I first met Ray and his team at the AGTA show in Tucson this year I wondered why people were waiting in line to speak to him and there was no one at the booth next door. I decided that there must be a reason why people were willing to wait in line so I waited too. Ani worked with me and she designed a beautiful pendant and earrings for me. I had it printed in silver and was very happy with the quality of the design and the silver it was made in to. I loved what I saw but still wanted to check out the other programs. After looking at a number of programs I decided to call up 3D SPace Pro and asked for 3 references - they gave me a page full of people to call and I called every one of them. They all told me how much they like the program and of the superior after purchase support they got. I then asked for a Skype demonstration of the program because I was not sure the program would meet my unique needs. After purchasing this program I can say that I really love what it can do and how easy it is to learn. Not only that, Ray, Ani, Narine, and the rest of the team are SECOND TO NONE. I can honesty say that I have never received customer service like this. They always answer my questions quickly and are very patient. One week there were 4 new videos that were made specifically answering questions that I had raised. This is a quality program with exceptional people who make it easy for you to learn. I highly recommend this program and the team that makes you look good.

Hope you enjoy being with your kids too. They grow up all too soon. Wendy B

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