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Nick Siroki

Okay so I never write reviews for companies good or bad but this is one I just had to For quite some time I had been researching into looking for a 3d program that would be very user friendly and have a great support team as I had never worked on 3d before I had sat down with multiple different companies only to leave more confused than when I started and having the feeling that the other companies we're more interested in selling the program instead of education upon finding 3d space pro at the Vegas show in 2012 I immediately new I have found the company that I felt comfortable with the support that Ray, Narine and the rest of the team especially Yezenia give you is second to no one from online training videos to Skype to just good old fashioned phone calls 3d space pro sets the bar for what a company should be the virtual library is absolutely awesome and it will give you a real advantage over your competition if you need help with a design or a wax to show your customer or casted and finished 3d space pro will accommodate all of your needs so if you're looking for a program to take your business to the next level this is definitely the one to have Thanks for 3d space pro and the entire team for helping me take my business to the next level

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