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• If you purchased Firestorm, you are  Automatically a Gold member for the

 1st Year

• Quarterly Updates on Library

• Semi-Annual Updates on Firestorm CAD

• Access to Online Training Videos

• Access to Online Support




Platinum Member



• Everything in the Gold Membership +

• Semi-Monthly 1Hr Webinar Training

• Special Newsletter

• Special One on One Mentoring Session with Ray    (on a monthly basis)





Firestorm CAD Design Help:


1. Having trouble figuring out how to design a specific piece?

         We might already have a video that shows you how!


2. Still having trouble?

          Submit what you’ve attempted via Email to Let us review it to give you the best possible solution.


3. Contacting Live Support

          Call, Skype, Remote Support. When all else fails we can support you live for those timely situations that require a speedy solution.

          Please click here for more 3D Space Pro Representative support.



          Looking for input from other users? The Forum is a great place to colaborate with other users and get different points of views or drop in a tip           yourself! Remember, a Forum is only as good as it’s users!

Technical Support


Software is complicated, and things will go wrong. Computers can be affected by many different issues, be it Hardware, Software, Viruses, and general Uh Oh’s! When calling technical support it is important to understand that some issues in your software may be a side effect of a bigger problem with your PC.



Below is a list of issues Technical Support covers:





• Firestorm CAD Installation

• Software Updates

• License Key Activation





Want to get ahold of us immediately?

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Why Skype?

- Real-time customer support.

- Dedicated representatives will support      you with technical issue and design          questions.

- Screen-Sharing for easy access and         explanation.

- We provide service that you deserve with   less hassle!

After downloading Skype, click here to add 3D Space Pro Representatives with their respective specialty!

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