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3D Space Pro

Why Skype?

- Real-time customer support.

- Dedicated representatives will support         you with technical issue and design           questions.

- Screen-Sharing for easy access and           explanation.

- We provide service that you deserve with     less hassle!

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Videos from 2014

After downloading Skype, click here to add 3D Space Pro Representatives with their respective specialty!



In-house training monthly $750.00 for 2 days


In house training allows you to get that one on one attention needed. You are taught more in depth and have the opportunity to go back and forth between the instructors and other students on different concepts to complete a piece. Thus, expanding your knowledge on the software, and making you a problem solving oriented designer.


Upcoming Training Dates:


Please contact us for registration


Tel: (818) 396 - 3924



How does the online video training work?


• Learn at your own pace

 Watch anytime, even from the comfort of your own home

 Play, Pause, Restart whenever you want

 No Textbooks Needed

No monthly fees

One time payment - Unlimited access for 1 year

Internet connection needed





Student Gallery

Group Training

Group Training

One-on-One at the training oppurunity



one-on-one At the training oppurtunity

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